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Henry Buitrago / Creative Director:

I have always been devoted to art for as long as I can remember and at an early age won a national art contest hosted by the Presidential House of Colombia which set up the path for my career.

I took Graphic Arts at the National Institute of Fine Arts and when I was finishing my studies I was awarded a two-year scholarship to further my studies in marketing with a  major in advertising. After completing my studies I tutored a class on typography at an art school.

I came to Canada in spring 2007 searching for a better life for my family. During the last years, I have directed the graphic departments of two major newspapers in Western Canada, and have enjoyed being the illustrator for a well-known book editor, and for a western advertising agency. Also managed a t-shirt printing company and a design studio/agency, and handle the creative material and social media marketing of the Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce.

I have over twenty years of experience working extensively in the field of the arts, focusing on many diverse mediums including digital, printed, and traditional.

I speak Spanish and English fluently, and I am currently studying French.

I am a creative thinker, self-motivated and self-sufficient, with a strong background in both print and digital media. With a comprehensive understanding of design software, and very detail-oriented. I keep up to date on the latest applications, technologies and trends. 

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