Very friendly staff. Delicious chorizo and kolachampan!

Posted by Leah Solheim on Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Great customer service! 👍

Posted by Loida Calderón on Wednesday, April 8, 2020


Dear customers of Ebenezer Tienda Latina y Restaurante
We are greatful for the support that you have shown us since we opened our small business.
We would like to invite you to stop by our store at your earliest convenience and check out all the amazing variety of Latino products that we have to offer.
We are trying to keep up with questions as they are received, we ask that you bare with us and we invite you to browse through our page for some of the information that you require such as address, business hours and phone number.
Questions in regards to the cost of individual items we will try our best to keep you informed however our inventory is constantly changing and it would be best if you stop by our store to look at what we currently carry and we would be more then happy to help you in person.
As far as “special orders” we are able to special order items for you however in some cases you may be required to purchase a full box of that one particular item plus cover shipping and handling costs, we ask that you please call us in order to make these orders and a 50% deposit will be required for all special orders, please be mindful that it could take up to 2-3 business days to provide you with cost and to process your special order.
All special orders will require a phone number, email and a deposit in order to be processed.
As of September 1, 2020 we encourage that you pay via debit, credit card or tap our cash in store will be limited.
We are enjoying getting to know the Latino Community in Saskatoon and from the bottom of our heart we would like to thank you for your continuous support.

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