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 I grew up with the warmth and savoury flavours of Mexico, in Guadalajara city.  With access to daily street markets and butcher shops, our meals were always made with fresh ingredients and of course many different herbs and spices.  In our culture meals are always a time to gather the family and connect. When you go to someone’s home, they may not have a lot too offer but food is always available (we love to share) and this relationship with food I believe has been one of the greatest gifts from my culture. 


My education and experience background includes a mix of public relations, non-profit, insurance… but about a decade ago I discovered my true passion: Wholistic Health.  


Thus, I went on to study Holistic and Orthomolecular Nutrition, Clinical Aromatherapy – with over a thousand hours in training, including aromatic medicine -.  And recently I completed a four-year professional training in Herbal Medicine that included 500 hours of supervised clinical mentorship with some of the most amazing and well-respected practitioners in the field, including Chanchal Cabrera Msc., FMNIMH., Katolen Yardley DO(EU).,MNIMH,  and Erika Galentin MNIMH,RH.


It was truly an honour to learn alongside them and all the other students that inspired me on this path. 

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